Thursday, September 11, 2008

You shall receive........

There are some questions that I haven't addressed yet. They are not interesting. Well, a couple could be interesting I suppose. I won't necessarily write the questions down, but you will understand the all the same.

I'm lazy like that.

I am saving my hard earned money for a Nikon camera. I like the Cannon camera's just as well however, the Nikon stole my heart. That's not to say that my ADHD won't set in and I won't change my mind a thousand times as I really don't remember WHY? I went with the Nikon.

My husband and I are currently on the Dave Ramsey's Plan for Debt relief. Actually, we have done it before. We paid off credit cards, my car payment, our Jeep payment, our motorcycle payment and a couple of other bills. But now since I have had a rough couple of years with health, we are working on the medical bills that I swear by all that is holy, we have been robbed. That's another problem that I don't want to speak about. Anyway, we do the envelope system. We pull out cash for all the things like groceries, extra activities, fun money, etc. It is in a effort to recognize where all the money goes. It is sometimes difficult as I see shoes that make my heart leap out of my chest, gives me orgasms and makes me itch to put them on my feet. Then I remember that I don't carry debit cards, checks or credit cards with me any longer and only have my cash that needs to last for two weeks. Then I break something.

I don't really like the taste of any alcohol. Honestly. I crave it at times just to ease my wound up nerves. Tomato beers are my fav followed by Miller chill or Boulevards. But I drink only socially and my beverage of choice is Diet Coke.

I love T.V. and I need it on. For background noise more so then anything. I do not worry about the effects it has on my family or my daughter. First and foremost, without tooting my own horn, my daughter is a very smart gal. She has excelled in school and continues to do so. As a matter of fact, she very rarely watches T.V. with the exception of Hanna Montana. The fact is, it isn't a temptation for her. Commercials suck. I admit. However, they can also open up a door of conversation. Speaking to her about situations. Sometimes difficult conversations that are hard to bring up unless you have a reason. I'm not saying that T.V. should be used as a babysitter and some people abuse it.

My dogs drive me nuts but they are sorta like my other furry children. But really, everyone that lives in this house drive me nuts.

I have huge issues with parents that cannot tell their children No every now and then. Cripes. And I get sick to death of parents that do not show their children what consequences are and then bitch when their kids get into trouble. Duh! And what the hell is with parents allowing their kids to hit them?????? I don't understand.

Diva is in a dance group that is very new age hip. The group is awesome and it has become a second family for us. I love it, she loves it and even the boring ole' dad loves it.

I'm hot. Not like sexy hot, but having a hot flash "hot!"

I am going to get another tattoo. On my other foot. So I don't walk funny and the weight evens out. Ha! I don't know when. The Dave Ramsey Plan shot that in the foot.

Time to make supper. More to come later.



Good luck with the debt stuff.
I'm with you on parents who are afraid to say NO to their kids. You signed up to be a parent....DO IT!

Tara R. said...

(psst... I left something for you over at my place... ;) )

Sandy C. said...

I'm starting to realize that using cash instead of credit really helps me watch what I'm spending. It's much harder for me to hand over a $50 than slide a Visa.

Good luck :)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I admire you for being able to follow the Dave Ramsey plan. I have read his book and it is HARD CORE!

YOu will be so happy you did this in a year or two.

I think he says something like: "If you are willing to live unlike people are used to for a short can live like people dream about for the long term" Something like that.....I tried it...helped.....can't do it all the time....I'm really weak!

Stacy said...

When you finally get your Nikon you will love it! That's my camera and it does a great job - especially once you figure out how to use it.

Great job on doing the debt reduction. We need to do that to pay off our credit card. Of course, Christmas is coming so that is pretty much a shot in the foot. We tend to spoil our families - which I love to do. I just need to get my hubby to stop buying so much wine!