Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My father in law. Gosh I miss him.

My father in law. This is his big fish that we stuffed. I have this fish in my possession now and I am so thankful for it. It is the only thing I wanted. It brings back memories. Memories that I won't ever let go.

It was a family photo. Notice how my father in law couldn't stop looking at his catch. He was so proud. My husband wasn't there when he caught it. He told him to "Get the Hell out of my fishing hole, your catching all the big ones!" Ha.Ha. Dave tried to get stink to hold it and she refused.
Now....because I was going through old pictures to find memories of my father in law whom I have missed so much and have had some really bad melt downs lately I happened to come across a picture that made my gut hurt. My daughter has a camera and you never know when she will take your picture. Some have them had to be deleted, as she took one of me on the crapper, but others are just plain funny.

I said that it looked like Craig just birthed our dog and I was the OBGYN. Ha, Ha. But, to put a smile on my sad face....come up with your own title. I need laughs. Forward this on and get people involved. The funniest one will win Leg Fusion from Girly Gals. It is a wonderful rub that you can put on your legs, back, neck....whatever. It is soooooo good. It helps with my Restless Leg Syndrome. I swear by it. I only ask you to forward this or link this on because I could use some serious laughs. I need them in a bad, bad way.
I will pick my favorite. Good luck. Don't forget to tell your loved ones how deeply you love them. You just never know.
I am still busy as hell so I haven't spent much time on the computer. Frankly, I have been going to bed early so I can feel better. My fibromylgia has been terrible. So, once again I ask for time to come back to blog world. But I read your comments over and over because they make me feel supported. Please don't stop.......
Fly High Papa Dave. We miss you so much and our hearts are shattered. I hope you are happy. I hope you haven't forgotten me. I haven't felt any signs lately and I need to know you are here with us. You were by far, the best father-in-law ever. I love you.


Kel said...

"Are you paying attention - I'm only going to show you how to do this one more time. See butt - Sniff"

hehe :)

Hang in there lady - You're in my thoughts everyday. I'm here for ya!

Tara R. said...

"you want me to bite what?!"

I'm so, so sorry for your hurt and pain. I have no magic words, just {{hugs}} and prayers.

Patois said...

It really looks like he just pooped out the dog. I'm just saying.

It's great to look through all the photos, even ones with you on the crapper, and instantly be transported back to good times. Or even bad times. But times spent with ones we love. My thoughts are with you.

Kat said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling so crappy. Both emotionally and physically.
I hope you are healing and will feel better soon.

Momisodes said...

"But I don't wanna put my face in there!!!"

Big, big hugs to you Krissy. I am so sorry. I wish I were closer so we could just sit and chat over some coffee. Please know that you are in my thoughts everyday and I am always here for you.

krissy said...

Ha.Ha. So far so good.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

You need to put Diva's photos on my new "If You Give a Kid a Camera" feature! Guaranteed laughs.
Take your time coming back. I miss you & you all are in my thoughts & prayers.

LaskiGal said...

Oh, Krissy . . . I have the same feelings. I loved my FIL, even if our sole purpose in life was to get under each other's skin.

I miss him. So, so much.

"MMMMMM . . . smells like beef!"

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am drawing a blank...which is about par for the course around my neck of the woods of late!

Hope you find some peace soon!

OHmommy said...

Oh Krissy, hang in there babe. remember you are a firecracker.

I love that he was staring at the fish in that picture. LOL funny. What a man.

Hugs babe.

April said...

I have no brilliant title for that picture but I'll tell you what I did when I saw it: ROFL!!!!!

Still thinking of you, girl, and sending you BIG HUGS! Telepathically, of course. Cuz hello? Who can mail a hug? ;-)