Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More School Day Drama.

I already told you about the 50lb backpack that my daughter has to carry on her back. Your ideas were great. However, they do not allow rolling backpacks. And you are so right. Their lockers are made for backpacks, coats and shoes. That's it. I cannot tell you how much I want to shove these idiots into this teeny little locker. I would love to ball them up and stuff them into the locker. Grr.

So today my Diva has been waking up with some terrible allergies. It's fall. The leaves are changing and this ultimately means that she will be suffering from a snotty nose and a congested chest. So I opted for her to NOT do P.E. (physical education) today as they are running the mile run. Let me just lay this out for you. Diva has suffered from this since she was basically born. So you could say that I know my daughter, right??? Well. This brilliant school had the nuts to tell ME, her mother, that I needed a doctors note to pull her out of P.E. What the Hell?????

I can labor for over 24hrs giving birth to her. I can worry about college savings. I can feed her every single night. I can do homework with her every single night. I can give her drugs for her allergies every single day. Hell...I can make this girl rub my butt if I wanted to. Which that actually sounds pretty good right now but that

But I cannot tell the SCHOOL when she can or cannot run a mile run. Never mind the fact that if your kid has a asthma attack and needs an inhaler, she/he cannot carry it with them. So if a child goes into a terrible asthma attack; they need to search for the nurse to get the help they need.

And these crap-hole stink bombs think they can tell me...her mother...that I don't have a say. That I don't have a voice as her own mother. That I need a doctor to tell them that she is NOT by any way, shape or form, able to run a mile run when her chest is already congested. I don't think so.

Suffice to say, there were words. And they were not nice words. And I was one pissed off mom. And if the school has the nerve to tell me what my daughter can or cannot do, there will be cuss words said. And I so don't care that the P.E. teacher is my neighbor. He now knows to not piss with this mommy. Hmmpphh.

Please tell me when the schools decided to become the decision makers in a household? And trust me. I know sometimes they have to step up and make the decisions for kids so that there are positive outcomes. I have seen first hand what a piss-poor parent looks like. But I am not that parent and we live in a small town and they certainly should know by now that I am a very interactive mother. For the love of Moses; I am the go-to girl for the schools. I get the phone calls asking for help. I am on the pathetic PTO. They know who I am. I guess now they know what a B.I.T.C.H I am as well.

Next time they try to tell me what to do with my daughter, I will kick them in their junk. I will break their knee caps and I will give them a swirly. I will march my fat ass into the school with fire blowing out of my ears. I will point fingers and probably swear because that is how pissed I am. I will probably make them eat the school lunch as well....just for shit and giggles.

Now I must go write a vicious letter to the superintendent because if you can believe it...this is not the only issue I have. Luckily, I have a swarm of parents backing me and they are petitioning the school so I must do my part as well. I wish I had the patience to home school. I may not have a choice real soon. Damn. Double damn damn.


sltbee69 said...

You got that right - nobody is going to tell me what I am going to do or not do with my child! You go girl!

Blessings From Above said...

Right on sister!!!

Patois said...

Yeah: You, go, girl. You are so right indeed.

Tara R. said...

Are you friggin' serious? You can't as the parent write an excuse note for stinkin' PE? That's one of the stooooopidest things I've ever heard. Give 'em hell sista friend. Do you need to form a posse'? Are torches and pitchforks called for? Just say the word!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

See, I would pull her out for the entire day if they gave me crap. THEN give them an earful!
Good for you for sticking up for what's best for your kid.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that is how the WHOLE story goes??? I have children in the same district & find it a little hard to believe...I can see the PE teacher saying that your daughter would not have to run the mile at that time, but would have to make it up later. If you want her excused from the entire assignment, then you should have to have a dr's note. PE is not just a "fun class," it is graded and the students are expected to participate. I hope that if your daughter doesn't study the night before a math test you don't throw a tantrum to get her out of taking it the next day. IT IS THE SAME THING!!!

I usually find this blog to be witty & entertaining, but found this post to be extremely distasteful! I am from Hartford, have always lived in Hartford, and always will. I feel that our district does an awesome job with our children!!! That is why I gave them the huge responsibility of caring for/educating my children. You also made that decision. It's fine to be upset about something, but using your blog as a forum to bash those who have no way of telling their side of any story is not the way to make things better. Figure it out!! I have the choice to read this blog & so do other people who now have an unfair view of what is actually a great school & teacher! time you need help with your "pathetic PTO," don't even ask. Not exactly the way to go around spreading positive cheer about a really great organization...