Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Back Pack Saga.

My daughter has been complaining about her back hurting lately. She rubs Hot Legs (an amazing potion by Partygals) on her back every night. She asks for back rubs. She walks like an old lady sometimes...or to really put it into perspective for you...she walks like me.

My friends daughter has also been complaining. So she decided to weigh the over stuffed backpack that her daughter carries on her back It weighed 51lbs. 51lbs of text books, notebooks, pencils, papers and folders.

I decided to weigh Stinks. 49lbs! This is pretty much her weight. She weighs anywhere between 49-50lbs. She has to walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame just to keep herself from falling backwards. She has marks on her shoulders from the straps cutting into her skin. Her neck hurts from the strain.

She is basically carrying around HER WEIGHT on her back. Or like giving a piggy back ride to another child her age. Or like carrying half my ass on her shoulders. Basically, one butt cheek.

Speaking of ass cheeks, I have joined the "Biggest Loser" at Stinks dance company. I'm just praying that I am not the only one who gains weight instead of losing it. Does anyone know, is vanilla cookies in lowfat milk is on Weight Watchers???? I said Lowfat Milk. Geesh.


Kel said...

Holy they no have lockers anymore? Why do they carry around so much weight?

A Buns Life said...

Poor girl! Get her a rolling backpack!

Kathryn said...

Good grief!!! I agree. Get her a rollar backpack!

Blessings From Above said...

Yikes!!! If she has to bring 49 pounds of books home every night, I can only imagine how much homework she has.

I agree with the above comments, you should look into a rolling backpack.

krissy said...

actually...the school does not allow rolling backpacks. They have lockers, for coats, back pack and shoes only.

These people are evil.

sltbee69 said...

I'm going to have to weigh by girls bag. She had a rolling backpack last year but had to be all cool and shit this year and have a messenger style bag. She got a locker this year but they are only half lockers and a rolling back pack won't fit. I warned her that she was going to end up with neck/shoulder/headaches. So far the only thing she's complained about is how heavy it is, not that it causes her pain. Your girl is only a year younger than mine - she is a skinny little thing Krissy! My girl weighs almost twice as much as yours.

Tara R. said...

My BOY lugs one like that around too. It's crazy. I love it when there are enough classroom books for them to have one at school and one at home so they don't have to carry so much in their packs. The schools around here have banned roller packs too... brilliant.