Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some overdue thank yous.

To the Superbowl commercials makers.

Thank you so much for providing entertainment for the 15children that were running rampant through my house on Superbowl Sunday. For a few brief moments, you stopped the kids in their mischievous tracks plus you did the impossible and actually made them quiet while they viewed your commercials.

Their favorite was from Bridgestone Tires that featured no other then Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Hilarious.

And better yet, the drunk adults were also momentarily controlled as they were engrossed in the commercials.

I had over 20 adults and 15 kids in my humble home. It was busting at the seams however, it was also bursting with laughter, giggles, screams, yells and fun.

But I very much enjoyed my minutes of sanity brought to me by your commercials. They were not the best ever but nonetheless, they were worthy of the 2 million dollars each company paid. Tell me again why we are in a depression recession and America's economy is in jeopardy? Bygones.

And because I am throwing out well deserved thank yous. I would also like to thank my doctor for prescribing my "happy pills." They saved a lot of hurt feelings and children sitting in time outs.

And thank you to the alcohol manufactures. You are beautiful.


A happy camper.
What are the chances of moving football to the warmer seasons so we can have a Superbowl Party that would allow the children to go outside in non-frigid weather? Just a simple suggestion.


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I missed 'em all! We didn't even watch.
I tagged you on my blog.

Kel said...

Oh wouldn't the warmer weather thing be nice?! I think so... Glad the party went well - we survived ours, kids were relatively well behaved and in the end EVERYONE WENT HOME!

Patois said...

We had a party, all right, me, the mate, and the three kids. And we were only there for BRUCE and the ads. My favorite? Monster's Moose.

Huckdoll said...

Bwaahaha~! Glad it turned out well. In Canada, we don't get the commercials, even with satellite to the American channels. They're alll dubbed over with Canadian crapola! Booooo to that. I'm going to the States next yr for SB!!