Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dislikes and likes.

Things I dislike.

  1. When someone owes you money and instead of paying you back, they buy themselves items that are clearly on a "want" list and not a "need" list. i.e. Big screen T.V.'s, Wii's, games, vacations, etc. This is beyond rude and I can guarantee that there will never be anymore handouts. EVER.

  2. Keeping up with the Jone's. I'm sorry if this offends you. But there is nothing that is more upsetting to me then getting dogged by a friend because her "new" friend lives in the posh neighborhood and we live in the "modest" side of town. It is disturbing. I don't keep up with the Jone's because a.) I don't have the need to be in debt for the rest of my life and b.) I just don't feel any better about myself just because I drive the cool cars or live in the upside of town. And let me just say that if you are wondering if this is you that did this too me.....probably not because I can guarantee the person of who I am speaking of doesn't read this blog.

  3. Judgement. This goes along with #2. Don't judge me because I don't wear designer duds (even though I sorta do. I just buy it at consignment shops.) or because I don't have the "look" that you feel I need. I will be the first to admit, I sometimes judge people myself. I know. Completely hypocritical. However, I don't like myself for doing it. I have been making a conscious effort to stop doing this and matter of factly, it was a New Year Resolution.

  4. Condescending assholes. Nothing makes my blood boil more then individuals who condescend others to make themselves feel better. I'm sorry. But this cannot make you feel too good about yourself either. Truly. Is being disrespectful and demeaning to another, especially someone you confess to love, making you any better of a person? It is hurtful and cruel and my stomach hurts when I see sadness in a loved ones face when harsh words are spoken to them.

  5. Selfish, rotten humans. I hate selfishness. If you have something to spare....then spare it. I give to charities often. I also give to friends that are in stressful times. I won't share names but I will give an example because truly, I am deserving of a pat on the back. I'm not trying to be conceited or I don't need verification that I am a nice person because I am not always so nice. but I want people to Pay it Forward as well. A friend of mine was struggling this past Christmas and was worried about buying Christmas gifts for her family. I knew she was struggling back in August. I started saving dimes and pennies and by time Christmas rolled around, I handed her $300 to buy presents. To this day, no one knows what I did but her and I. I will not tell anyone either and told her the same. Only because I want her family to be appreciative of her hard work. And she does work hard. She just had some ripples to take care of. So. I helped as a friend. And I'm proud that her family had a nice Christmas and she got the attention she deserved.

  6. Conceited fucks. Oh do I loath conceited people. How irritating is it when every single thing you say someone has done it and done it better. It is so annoying. It is equivalent to scraping nails on a chalk board. Speaking for myself, I don't give a rat's ass if you have done it better then me. Let me get out a sentence before you must interrupt the conversation to give examples of your greatness. R.U.D.E. I try to understand low self esteem for being the source to the conceitedness but I have a hard time understanding this.

Things I love.

  1. My daughter and her sweet face when she is sleeping. She can be such a devil at times but when she sleeps, she resembles nothing less then a precious angel. I love to listen to her breaths, the way her lip quivers when she sleeps and the way she talks so sweetly in her sleep. She is absolutely the love of my life.

  2. The way my husband gives me gentle reminders of how much he loves and adores me. The way he rubs my back when I am pushing a grocery cart through the store. Or the way he hugs me and kisses my forehead. The way he gives me air kisses from across the room. He is so perfect for me in every single way.

  3. The way my family cares and worries about us. The way they all lend support when we need it and affection when we want it. My family. All of my family, are always going to be some of my favorite people forever and always.

  4. Friends of all different kinds. My friends are diverse. And I fit perfectly into their lives as they do to mine. The positive reinforcement they offer when I need it. Friends are so important in my life and always will be.

  5. The love my dogs give me even after I yelled at them for chewing up a shoe again. They are so forgiving and so dependable and they love me for everything I am and see no faults. I love my pooches.

  6. Happiness. Happiness is something that is worked for. Not just giving to you. I work hard for my happiness and I could be bitter, trust me. Instead I choose happiness and I try hard to always see the cup half full. Sometimes my cup runneth over, however I try to ignore the overflow.

  7. God. My God. Our God. I don't care if you call him God or Jehovah. He is one God and we mostly all worship Him....regardless of the name you call him. Or the religion in which you have chosen to worship Him. Even if you choose to worship Him in the comfort of your own home and not in a church. As long as you worship doesn't matter how or where you do it. I have worshipped Him in my car. In the bathroom, in Target. Just worship Him.

This is very inspiring for me to write this down. I need reminders to do better everyday. This certainly puts things in perspective. Try it. You'll see.


Tara R. said...

I found myself nodding yes, even giving a few air high fives, on both of these lists. Amen sista!

the MomBabe said...

Why is this reminding me of The Real Housewives of New York? Oh, yeah. the whole "better than you" thing. BAH.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm with ya girl! Love this post.

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