Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The new me.

It sucks to be somewhat beautiful not even close. I have decided to take a new track on life and's killing me.

Exercise. Ugh. I decided to try the Biggest Loser bitch trainer that has made 500lb humans weigh 100lbs. It is 20 minutes of vigorous exercise. By vigorous I mean for 20 minutes you don't breath and sweat pollutes your eyes. But through research, this is the fastest way to lose the fat rolls. You go full bore for shorter amount of times. If I choose to be positive, I could say that it is just 20minutes of my day but my negative side is saying that my lungs exploded and my heart pounded out of my chest. And. I'm pretty sure my groins are on fire. And not the good kinda fire either. But I'm giving it a try. I'll do it again tomorrow, I hope, and see if I can lose the 20lbs in 30 days that it promises. I'm already dreading tomorrow. *sigh*

Alli weight loss system. Well. If you don't mind pooping slime out of your anus then this is the stuff for you. I talked with my Doctor and I talked to my pharmacist and it isn't harmful if used accordingly. It doesn't even make my other meds react differently and make me all whacked out. And I have already lost some weight because I shit it out of my bunghole. It isn't pretty, but it shows results. And yes....I do everything the easy way.

Better eating habits. Well. Let's just say I'm trying. Okay. Move on now.

Drinking water. I used to hate the taste of water. Like gag on a glass of water. Which isn't so rad when your kidneys are less then perfect and you sometimes pee syrup. Diet coke doesn't help with the syrup peeing either. However, our stellar new fridge with a water dispenser and filter makes me love water and I actually prefer it over a can of pop. Not a fountain diet coke, I can never find another love like that, but I still spoil myself once in awhile with it and I still drink more water then pop. And my kidneys are thanking me by peeing a nice pretty color of yellow instead of bright orange or dark mud. This is good.

The problem. I'm pretty sure I have mono. How do I know. Because everyday I have to take a nap. And I despise naps. I wake up like a crabby bore. It's ugly. I don't like wasting my days away. I would rather be proactive. But my energy nil and every little thing is exhausting. Oh. And because my nephew had mono just a few weeks ago and I was kissing my little munchkin, drinking from the same cup and snuggling my little bug. My glands are not swollen, I don't have a fever and I don't feel sick. Just physically drained. It could be fibromyalgia, it could be my thyroid, it could be the lack of caffeine. It could be I'm getting old. WebMd said it was an aneurysm.

Or maybe I'm just trying to get some sympathy from my husband and he'll buy me that beautiful ring I have had my eye on. Hmmmmmmmm............

I need you. I need you to tell me how much you hate exercise and how much you do it anyway. I need you to push me forward and keep me going. I need ideas. I need you to tell me how to forever change my ways. Not just a temp thing like I have done in the past. Help me. Love me. Help me.
Oh, and I got a new darker dye job with awesome highlights and a cut. I love it.


A Buns Life said...

I love your hair!! Wish I could give you ass-vice on the exercise thing...but I'm lazy. I stay *thin* by portion control which sucks just as bad. I am soooo out of shape....but my clothes hide all my flabby ways and the scale has a nice number on it so I sit on my ass. :)

You go girl!!

sltbee69 said...

You can do it! I am stubborn and don't like taking medicine and had quit taking my high BP meds, but knew I needed to lose some weight to get my BP in a normal range. So, it's been 8 weeks since I decided to do something about it. I decide to keep a food journal, make better choices in my foods and get at least 40 minutes of cardio exercise daily. Down 10 lbs! I know it's hard to imagine that you'll ever start to love exercise, because I was the same way. Now I get grouchy if I can't exercise. BTW - love your hair!

Kel said...

I'll say it again...the hair is AWESOME!!! And good luck with the 'kick your butt, sweat your eyeballs out and don't stop till you drop' routine....I'm rooting for you!

Laski said...

That cut . . . HAWT.

Drinking water . . . lemons. Lots of lemons.

Exercise. Do it during commercials. The basics work great.

Food. Introduce a new healthy food and eliminate a non-healthy food each week. Less shock to the system.

Finally, GOOD LUCK! You can do it!!!

Kat said...

Okay. I can't tell you that I hate exercise. That would be a lie. I LOVE running. But I USED to hate it. You just have to stick with it for about 6 weeks and once you see the pounds fly off you'll be addicted. Besides, it is a great stress reliever. :)

Love the new do!