Tuesday, April 7, 2009

True to yourself???

"The best way to drain life out of yourself is to have a death grip on your true personality. And if you have never failed at something, then you are NOT trying hard enough."

Do you ever have to deal with the "complainers" or the "back stabbers" or the "whiners" in your life? Or my Gawd....don't you want to smack them straight in the face hole???

I mean seriously. Complain. Groan. Poor Poor Me. And yet. They make No effort to change or to sacrifice just to make things right again. Don't you wanna kick them in the head???

I get down too. There are some really dark times that I have drudged through. I have cried rivers and been on bended knee many times begging and pleading for strength, relief, time, etc. And you bet, I wiped my nose on many a friends shirts and laid across the laps of my family while they console a sobbing bag of mess. I have sat in the sunniest of pastures but seen nothing but dark, gloomy clouds. I have had to walk through the sand to get to the ocean.

I am all about metaphors today.

And I have had to hold my head up and plant a big, sappy smile on my face to just try and pull myself up. And I know that people were sick and tired of hearing me cry and whine. And I don't want to be the one everyone hates to be around. C'mon. I'm a firecracker. I can't be the dreary butt of the group.

And some people did smack me in the face hole and told me to suck it up.

I swear....they did.

But I shoved donuts in my mouth and pretended like I was happy and then I went to the doctor and got put on some happy pills. And they are good. And when you drink alcohol with them, you see little naked leprechauns doing head stands while singing "The Star Spangled Banner."
And then you laugh and laugh and you feel soooo much better however, nobody else sees those silly little men so you sorta look like you just snorted fairy dust. Careful. This can cause some concern.

Anywho. The point to this delusional, effed up story is you make the most of your life. I'm tired of the downers. I feel like shooting them in the foot. I'm sick of the crabs, the cocky asses, the depressed and oh so deprived of life. And I'm not going to deal with it anymore.

"I'm not gonna take it....NO...I ain't gonna take it....I'm not gonna take it anymoreeeee..........."

(name that tune. Seriously, name that tune with the singer bc I forgot who it is.)


Tara R. said...

Twisted Sister... 'We're not gonna take it'

Amen sista... I have a co-worker who we call Eeyore because he's not happy unless he's miserable. And, I do want to smack him in the face hole!

Kel said...

I think we each have to give a little to get a little but at the same time...enough is enough and while there are moments we can wallow in our own pity and we need our friends to drink with us and sometimes smack us around...we should step up eventually and move on.