Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rants and Rants and Raves.

  • To the people whom have the personality of a tadpole and who have the attitude of Paris Hilton. The world does not revolve around you. I don't care how poor you are and how stressful it is because YOU have made it this way. Not I. I have a decent life and I don't struggle as much as you however, I have worked hard for this. You have done nothing but bitched and complained through life until someone finally hands you what you want in an attempt to shut you the fuck up. So. When you post: "Why is it that some people have it all and others barely scrape by?" on facebook in reference to me and my husband purchasing a 19' Bayliner boat for a mere $1000 through an auction it makes me want you to have nothing until you can overcome your selfish attitude. I didn't realize that by purchasing something for our family was against the rules and we are supposed to reward your family with our earnings instead. Even though you and your wife currently already get more support through the government then most single moms do. And the fact that you carry brand new blackberrys in your pockets, drive newer vehicles, eat out quite often and are able to buy Swans dinners because you don't have to pay cash for your other neccissities thanks to welfare. I have a older phone, a older vehicle then both you and your wife the difference is mine is paid off, I buy only the needed amount of groceries and we rarely eat special treats and I never purchase Swan's as it is not in my budget. My daughter wears consignment Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place and Justice clothes while your nearly one year old is dressed only in new, stylish attire. However, you cannot understand why you are always broke. We budget our money, you blow yours. Figure it out ASSHOLE.
  • Kayne West!!! You are quite possibly the stupidest human being ever. You are as sharp as a beach ball. What exactly did you expect after you shamed a talent like Taylor Swift. She is classy and idolized. You are trashy and disrespectful. This isn't the first time you have had diarrhea from the mouth, and constipation of your thoughts. There isn't enough apologies in the world for us to forget your moment of shame. Remember to cry a river when you don't sell another album ever you moron.
  • Patrick Swayze, Peace to your soul. You are a hero and you fought a good battle and won the war. Rest now...you deserve it.
  • My lovely daughter. Today was 80's day at school for spirit week. I lived through the 80's my dear, and I lived through them very well. I wore the bright neon colors in pride with 50 belts wrapped around my waist and my hair was so big it could be seen in space. You were born in the 90's my love. So. When you want my help to convert you into a 80's protege please do not argue with me. I know what it takes sweet thing. You don't know diddly about the 80's and no amount of internet research can share with you the experience I had. I am never helping you again daughter. But I do love you with every ounce of my being.
  • To the hubby. When the trash is full, you pull out the bag in which the trash lives and you take it outside to the bigger trash can. You DO NOT just lie your garbage on the counter for me to take care of. Because I am a nice wife, I will supply you with ample amounts of lube so you can reconnect with your hand at night for the next few weeks, possibly longer. There are Kleenex next to the lube for clean up. Have fun. Your welcome.
  • To everyone. Please stop calling me for money. I have given enough to charities and have been very generous in helping others out. But just because you forget to pay your electricity bill doesn't mean that I can come to your rescue. And I am sorry that the Animal Shelters need cash now to help all the abused animals. Trust me. If I could find homes for them all I would as I am a huge animal lover but I must insist that I feed my child and my own two dogs before I feed abandoned ones. I am working on a fundraiser for winter that can help but for now.....you are asking the wrong person. And my dear friends, I will no longer help you. In case you missed it...we are purchasing a business and that means that we will be strapped for cash for the next 5yrs or so. Sorry the gravy train just left the station and you will not be riding for free.
  • To the laundry: I am sorry you are neglected but I hate you. You really suck up a lot of my time. It's easier to just go buy new then cleaning you. Once again, sorry.
  • To my floors: Why can't you clean yourself??? You do nothing else. Seriously??? You put the "az" in Lazy.
That's my rants and raves for the month week. It's so much easier to come here and bitch instead of taking my aggressions out on the people who are currently pissing me off. It's been a helluva week people. Boo.Yah. Good times. Good times.


Tara R. said...

Day-um Girl! I have truly missed you! Rant on rant on, I'm standing right there beside you, fist raised.

Kel said...

Oh Krissy...sometimes you are too funny with all your rants and raves, but you go girl. You always do it with a smile on your face and such 'class.' (if you need someone to do the dirty work, just call...thats all!)

OHmommy said...

Just a quick XO XO XO XO to thank you for taking care of me Krissy!

stonebrookcottage said...

LOL..was sent over from OHmommy. girl i don't EVER want to get on your bad side and end up on your rants for the month. Holy cow...although i was laughing pretty hard

Jennifer said...

I was also sent over from OHmommy we all need to vent every now & again. Sorry about your troubles but I have to confess the way that you expressed your frustration was hilarious. I'll be back. :-)

Kat said...

Just wondering how you are doing and hoping all is well. You are missed! :)

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Anonymous said...

nice article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Kat said...

Okay, Krissy, where the HELL are you????
I miss ya! :)
Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at firecrackermomma.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?


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